INSIDE The City of Green Buildings took place at Casino – Center of Urban Culture on February 25th and it represented a great opportunity to present The City of Green Buildings’ story, both the projects developed in the past and the ones that are in progress, the future perspectives towards implementing new initiatives or projects and opportunities for new members to join the TCOGB team.

In the first part of the event, there were presented the main programs and projects developed by the organization. The educational programs developed until now are “Cluj-Napoca-The City of Green Buildings”-2014 and “To Build or to Transform?”-2015 and the two organized conferences are “The City of Green Buildings Conference” – 2014 and 2015. Due to the fact that the organization improved itself each year, 2016 brings to the projects new guidelines that will enhance their visibility and importance.

A recruitment campaign was also started, aiming to attract new members, passionate about sustainable buildings and willing to join a team which promotes the good practices of this industry, providing in the same time professional and interpersonal development for them.

Finally, a challenge was launched towards the participants at the event, to use their imagination to create a genuine project having limited resources and time. This project brought into light the core values of The City of Green Buildings.

The event was dedicated to those interested in The City of Green Buildings’ story. They could benefit of this opportunity to become members, to exploit and develop new ideas, opinions, or become partners if they share the same vision, ideals and values​​.

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