This year’s conference theme is about “How to turn a building into a brand”. We’ll keep you posted with every important detail about our speakers’ presentations so you won’t miss a thing.

START: 09:13 We are about to start!

UPDATE: 09:44 Our president Adrian Frătean will open our conference.

UPDATE: 09:52 Dorin Beu is starting his speech now. He is the President of the Romania Green Building Council and he will speak about circular economy and most of all, about REthinking Sustainability TOwards a Regenerative Economy (RESTORE).

UPDATE: 10:13 Our next speaker will be Silviu Buzatu, Key Account Manager Office & Industry CEE – Philips Lighting. He will talk about the combination between the idea of a brand and the concept of lighting.

“People need light! Everyone wants to have every lighting detail covered, so they can see clear and feel good.”

UPDATE: 10:25 Șerban Țigănaș, President of Romanian Order of Architects (OAR), will make his speech starting with the main idea of the conference, How to turn a building into a brand?

“Why looking for a brand? How much branding can we stand in our lives? Because you must now who you’re talking to. ”

“The land which every building stands on, in Tokyo, is more valuable than the building itself. Because the only thing you have to do is to be there.”

MUST READ: Șerban Țigănaș’s favorite book: The Edifice Complex (The architecture of power) by Deyan Sudjic.

” – Only good architecture is sustainable

– Architecture is very much about replacement, substitution

– Design with relevance

– Build responsible

– The value of architecture is the brand.”

UPDATE: 11:41 Mr. Ion Cîmpeanu, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Environment. He will tell us more about policies regarding green buildings, in Romania and Europe.

„The European action for durability is the next step towards a European durable future.” COM (2016) 739 Final

„It is much more than the construction field. It also implies the management of waste. We all have to initiate the dialogue and the education in this field.”

UPDATE: 11:56 Architect Matius Ichim is the most known architect of retail. He will tell us the story of „Chillya – Chilli pentru sfinți urbani.”

„Chillya is a return to our authentic values. We have the tendency to burden ourselves with to many jobs.”

„You need to understand the needs of your public (n.r. architecture field) and one of them is sustainability.”

Chillya is a national scalable project, perfectly compatible for an AIRBNB business.”

„Branding elements: We offer the context that the user can access only with this object. It is important that our brand communicates an experience.”

„Our object talks through its unique form.”

UPDATE: 12:17 Nicoleta Cruceanu will talk about the EFdeN project. They are our facilitators and partners for this year’s conference and academy.

“EFdeN is more than a team. It’s a brand. You have to do everything with passion.”

UPDATE: 12:30 Our first team from The City of Green Buildings Academy 2017 will present the project they’ve been working for in the past two weeks. Hard work always pays off. So, let’s find out how they can turn a building into a brand. Their project is named: VUM

From breakfast to sustainability

Their building project was inspired by an egg.

UPDATE: 12.51: Team two is stepping up. Their project is called: The HoneyComb – The Place to Bee. Let’s talk about your new brand now, guys.

“Nature…is the perfect laboratory.”

“Let’s make our actions matter

Let’s make our planet better

And like bees, let’s work together.”

UPDATE: 13:20 And this is it! We end our 2017 conference!

Congratulations to all participants, thank you to our speakers and most of all, to our team, our partners and the sponsors that were always here for us!

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